Holiday Village "VOLGA"


In ancient times, the peninsula of the lake was built a chapel. Once it was a miracle. Once around the lake a storm incredible strength with a terrible downpour. The wind broke the oaks, tearing trees from the root, destroying the building. Lake turned to the sea and flooded the narrow strip of land, which is linked to the mainland by the villagers. The death of parishioners was inevitable, and all went on shore, to conquer fate and waiting to die. However, at this time came from the ruins of a chapel and a beautiful girl and shouted, "Everyone who believes in God, follow me - I'll save you!" After this unexpected savior stepped on lying next boulder, which left the imprint of a bare foot. Then the Mother of God went in waves. Everyone rushed to her and escaped. Locals claim that the high narrow strip of land - "greblyu" and can now be seen at the bottom of the lake. In gratitude for the salvation of the people on the ruins of the storm chapel built a church named after her. And at the entrance were placed the same stone with the imprint of the feet of the Virgin.

Why is it called Lukovskaya?

Everything is very simple!

Lake ogormnuyu Lukovo resembles an onion!

Need a break?

Holiday Village "VOLGA" - the best holiday in the Republic of Belarus!

Only 50 kilometers from Brest!


Кемпинг Волга Рб Кемпинг Volga луково

A cozy place for your tent and campfire gives the opportunity to enjoy a lovely evening on the lake in the pleasant company.

Кемпинг Волга Рб Кемпинг Volga луково


We have created all the conditions for a friendly and active recreation. Fishing, hunting, beach parties and laser tag - is not all that we have prepared for you!